Copywriting frameworks to escape competition

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What is this?

A playbook to give a clear vision of how to write landing page copy that
separates you from competition to put you as their first choice.

Who is this made for?

Entrepreneurs and marketers who feel their copy is similar to everyone
else in their industry.

The results you'll get

Tell your story more effectively so people instantly understand why
you’re the best choice on the market so you can:

  • Enhance your product value so you're not forced
    to compete on price
  • Increase conversions for higher revenue per visitor
  • Build your brand so people recommend you to
    their network

What's included

  • Everything I've learned the past 5+ years writing copy for companies like
    Zoom, Slack, and Drift.
  • Landing page swipe file to reference and make writing
    your own copy easier
  • Lifetime access for continued updates
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Know exactly how to talk to customers

10 important writing principles
Shaping your brand personality
Understanding how people buy
Passing the “so what?” test
Landing page formula
Hero section swipe file


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Copywriting frameworks to escape competition

1 rating
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